Time Lords

df753141278f061994f358c7aa43724a.jpgIn the multiverse exists keepers of time. Archivists of all the has been and will be. These keepers are known as Time Lords. Time Lords generally have a very Neutral stance on activities in the multiverse and do not interfere. It is believed that the Time Lords come from a plane known as Kasterborous, from the largest city on that plane known as Gallifrey. The Time Lords seem to betel rulers of the plane of Kasterborous and rule from the a vast palace compound within Gallifrey known as “The Citadel”. The Citadel is the seat of the Time Lord’s “government”. It is believed that the Time Lords are simply that subset of Gallifreyans citizens who have achieved the status of Time Lord via achievements in the Gallirfreyan Collegiate System. Children of Gallifrey are taken from their families at the age of 8 and admitted into the Gallirfreyan Collegiate System known as the Academy.Novices are then taken to an initiation ceremony before the Untempered Schism, a gap in the fabric of reality that looks into the time vortex. Of those that stare into it, some are inspired, some run away and others go mad. Each Time Lord belongs to one of a number of various colleges or chapters, such as the Patrexes, Arcalian, and the Prydonian chapters, which have ceremonial and possibly political significance. It has been explained that each chapter has its own colours; the Prydonians wear scarlet and orange, the Arcalians wear green, and the Patrexeans wear heliotrope. However, in that same serial, Cardinal Borusa, described as “the leader of the Prydonian chapter”, wears heliotrope. Other Prydonians wear orange headdresses with orange-brown (not scarlet) robes. Other chapters mentioned include the Dromeian and Cerulean chapters. The Prydonian chapter has a reputation for being devious, and tends to produce renegades. Sarcem is a Prydonian. The colleges of the Academy are led by the Cardinals. Ushers, who provide security and assistance at official Time Lord functions, may belong to any chapter, and wear all-gold uniforms.

At the center of Gallifrey is the Panopticon, beneath which is the Eye of Harmony. The Eye of Harmony is a powerful artifact of the Time Lords. What its purpose is is not known. Outside of Gallifrey lays the Wastelands where the “Outsiders” (Time Lords who have dropped out of the Time Lord society) live in less advanced communities, shining the life in the city. In general, the Time Lords are an aloof people, with a society full of pomp and ceremony. “enjoy making speeches”and have an “infinite capacity for pretension”. The Time Lord penchant for ceremony extends to their magic, with various artifacts given weighty names like the Hand of Omega, the Eye of Harmony or the Key of Rassilon. Though most Time Lords remain on Kasterborous. Some are stationed through out the Multiverse to serve as chroniclers. They travel the Multiverse recording all that happens. These Time Lords are sworn never to interfere, only to watch and record. The information is then returned to The Citadel and kept in vast archives. This could make them one of the most powerful resources for information in the multiverse. It has been suggested that, since perfecting the magic of time travel, they have withdrawn, bound by the moral complexity of interfering in the natural flow of history in the multiverse. It is however sometimes suggested that Time Lords may have been responsible for maintaining a general balance of power between the races of the multiverse.

One of the districts in Gallfrey is called Low Town. The “less fortunate” of society within Gallifrey are called Shobogans. Currently the Shobogans have been revolting in minor skirmishes and acts of violence and vandalism giving them and even worse reputation. One of their targets recently has been the Panopticon.

The High Council is currently making efforts to subdue the Shobogans leaders as threats have surfaced that their aims maybe to despise the High Council and their leader Ravolox.

One of the most powerful magical artifacts that the Time Lords have created are items simply known as TARDIS. Simply standing for Time And Relative Dimension In Space A properly maintained and piloted TARDIS can transport its occupants to any point in time and space. The interior of a TARDIS is much larger than its exterior. It can blend in with its surroundings using the item’s "chameleon magic”. TARDISes also possess a degree of sentience and provide their users with additional tools and abilities including a comprehend language spell and communicates via telepathy.

It has been rumored that TARDISes are “grown” and they draw their power from several sources including the Eye of Harmony. Some hints say that the Eye of Harmony is actually an aspect of the Plane of time itself taken and encapsulated with several cubes of force. This displaced fracture of Time is constantly attempting “flow” creating massive amounts of energy that they Time Lords can Siphon. This power maybe transmitted to individual TARDISes via Kalaydrian crystals. Each TARDIS is bonded with a Time Lord. This gives the Time Lords a symbiotic link to the TARDIS. The TARDIS artifacts have many safeguards in place to keep them from being used by others then a Time Lord and even safeguards to keep a Time Lord from misusing its power.

Time Lords

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