The Shadowfell, an aspect of the Plane of Shadow, is a parallel plane from which necrotic energies and shadow magic dwells. It is a bleak, desolate place full of decay and death.
The Shadowfell was created when the diefic entity known as Shar, was able to destroy the diefic entity known as Amaznen, binding the energies of the Negative Energy Plane with the Plane of Shadow. Since then, the Shadowfell existed as a center of Shar’s power as well as a transitory place attracting dead mortals on their way towards judgment to the Fugue Plane or Boneyard.

Is populated primarily by undead creatures such as ghosts, specters, and other undead who for whatever reason refuse to leave the Shadowfell and continue on to the Fugue Plane or Boneyard. There are lately however, numerous other inhabitants, such as communities of shadar-kai, Shadovar, and dark ones. In addition the Shadowfell causes the creation of many of undead that that roam the Shadow Plane including Shadows, and nightshades. Other living inhabitants include shadow giants, and the infamous kytons.

Notable inhabitants

▪ Ambergris, dwarf Shadovar cleric of Dumathoin and former member of Cavus Dun.

▪ Afafrenfere, human Shadovar monk, former member of Cavus Dun, former member of Brothers of the Gray Mists, and former member of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose.

▪ Draygo Quick, a Netherese lord and powerful warlock.

▪ Effron the Twisted, tiefling Shadovar warlock, and former student of Draygo Quick.

▪ Herzgo Alegni, tiefling Shadovar warlord, who wielded Charon’s Claw.

▪ Parbid, tiefling Shadovar monk, member of Cavus Dun, and the Brothers of the Gray Mists.

▪ Glorfathel, elf Shadovar wizard and member of Cavus Dun
▪ Parise Ulfbinder, a Netherese lord.

▪ Ratsis the Spider Farmer, a human male shade and member of Cavus Dun.

▪ Jermander, a tiefling Shadovar warrior and member of Cavus Dun.

▪ The Ghost King, a composite being formed from: Hephaestus a dracolich; Crenshinibon and its seven disembodied liches; and the sentience of Yharaskrik, an illithid; which had powers over the undead denizens of the Shadowfell.

▪ Drasek Riven, a godling, had his fortress here, where he hid from Rivalen the Nightseer and the archdevil Mephistopheles, both of whom shared a piece of the divine essence Drasek himself had.

The most infamous inhabitant of the Shadowfell and only diefic power known to reside there. Zon-Kuthon was imprisoned within the Shadowfell. It is believed that the Shadowfell may have been what tainted Zon-Kuthon so, however others feel that it was exposure to the Far Realm. It is uncertain if links to the Far Realm exist within the Shadowfell but it is certainly possible. While he is no longer imprisoned, Zon-Kuthon still makes his home in the Shadowfell.

Places of Interest
Hinterlands of Zon-Kuthon – The Hinterlands of Zon-Kuthon are areas of the Shadowfell that manifested the dreams and nightmares fueled by Zon-Kuthon’s hatred during his imprisonment. These infected areas seem to unnaturally gravitate to any mortals traveling through the plane

Xovaikain is the home of Zon-Kuthon in the depth of the Shadowfell. Raised by the Midnight Lord during his time in exile, Xovaikain is a lightless, steel labyrinth of hopelessness and suffering.

Zon-Kuthon’s domain was originally, according to legend, a prison constructed by Abadar to restrain the Prince of Pain. When he was released due to a technicality, he reformed Xovaikain into his own domain.

Almost nothing is known about Xovaikain’s gloomy interior. Rarely, a tortured Petitioner ‘escapes’ the shadowy walls for a brief moment before being drawn back inside by dark tendrils. It is known that the Prince in Chains, Zon-Kuthon’s herald, prowls the steel labyrinth, on the prowl for new victims


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