Shadow Skull Ripper Scorpion


aka Skull RIpper

A skull ripper is a plague on the living. There is nothing that gives it more satisfaction than wrenching a man’s head from his neck, then holding it aloft to show the victim’s bulging, still-seeing eyes his own decapitated corpse thrashing and twitching in a gory puddle of its own juices. The skull ripper then slides the head onto its long, grim tail in a grotesque display, the head’s screams dying away as it joins the beast’s repulsive collection. The skull ripper lives for the hunt, and its dark existence is driven only by a desire to collect further trophies from the dead. These macabre creatures are born of the Shadowfell, and are pure killing machines.

Type: Vermin, Outsider (Shadowfell)

Vision: Tremorsense

Armor: Amazing

Defenses: Being partially made of shadow makes the skull ripper tough to target, its tough chitinous hide and the array of skulls of its victims gives it even more potent armor. It is almost impossible to trip, being vermin it is immune to mind effects and has partial resistance to cold and electricity. It also has defenses against magic/ psionics and can only be attacked with magic weapons.

Attack types: Deadly claws that can drain ones very life away. An incredibly fast stinging tail that unleashes a horrific crippling poison that impairs one physicality instantly.

Other abilities The skull ripper also has the ability to slip into and out of the plane of shadow as will.

Resistance notes: Incredibly strong and fast.

Shadow Skull Ripper Scorpion

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