Shadow Crawler


A shadow crawler is a aberrant of the plane of shadow that scavenges the dead and occasionally preys on living creatures. Similar to a giant, t centipede in appearance, shadow crawlers are often accompanied by a foul odor of death, which warned others of their approach.

Although their nature ultimately rested in the Far Realm, it was thought by many, and indeed was possible, that shadow crawlers were created through a mad wizard’s experiments.

Physical description
Shadow crawlers are large, black, and phosphorescent blue aberrations whose appearance is akin to a centipede. Crawlers possess eight long tentacles protruding from the sides of their heads or rears allowing them to stun prey. Shadow crawlers also have two eye stalks, through which they could perceive their surroundings even in the darkest caverns. Additionally, shadow crawlers have a highly developed sense of smell. In shadowy light shadow crawlers are practically invisible. Hence their name.

Type: Shadow, native to plane of shadows, aberration

Vision: Darkvision, scent

Armor: Good

Defenses: Resistant to Cold and electricity, Spell Resistance

Attack types: tentacles – poisoned (paralysis), bite

Other abilities: Shadow Blend

Shadow Crawler

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