(Metropolis, 25,294):

Located the west of Piren’s Bluff

Mayor: General Teldon Darhome

Saelmur was originally a trade post for trade with the Cheliax Empire to bring goods to the east of the Empire. Eventually it began to grow into a trade city itself. Once Andoran was forged and the split occurred with Cheliax the city’s prominence waned. Many Cheliaxian citizens of the empire still remained. The city was reestablished as Andoran’s “gatekeeper” from invading troops from Cheliax or monsters from the Aspodell Mountains pouring down into the plane. (Apparently the Aspodell Mountains are crawling with baddies). As such a substantial amount of troops are garrisoned within Saelmur and the training of such troops became a robust industry for the city itself. The city has 6 military Academies (one of which is a Blade Magic school), 20 Garrisons, 5 Alchemists, 50 Barracks, 8 Breweries, Unfortunately the Magic Academy, several sorcery towers and magic shops have been closed down.

Saelmur trains troops for the Andoran Army, houses Andoran troops and also the city boasts its own standing army and guard.


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