Red Hand of Doom

A well organized and well equipped horde of psionic orcs, dragons and devils led by a mysterious leader only known as the Red Hand. Many of the creatures that make up the horde seem to pay patronage to Azarul. The army currently seems to be centralized in the Cloven Mountains and is slowly spreading east and south towards Alyria. The Red Hand has been working with Formians. The result is that many of the orcs are infected by corrupters. In addition they seem to be carrying out corruptive experiments on dragons and other creatures to be able to add them to the ranks of the horde. They currently control Vrath Keep just north of Alyria were strange summonings have been reported. The horde is made up of several types:

Orc Warriors

Orc Marksmen

Hell Hounds


Azarul’s Barbs

Azarul’s Talon

The Red Hand

Red Hand of Doom

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