The Quori are outsiders from the Dal Quor, the Plane of Dreams. The major inhabitants of Dal Quor considered the living embodiment of dreams and nightmares. There are numerous species of quori known, including the Dream Master Quori, Du’lora Quori, the Hashalaq Quori, the Kalaraq Quori, Tsoreva Quori, and the Tsucora Quori, the Kalashtar and the Inspired.

There are different types of quori and different Inspired bred to house them. The known quori types are as

Tsucora Quori – weakest and most numerous quori

Tsoreva Quori – mind blades, enforcers of Dal Quor

Du’lora Quori- blackfuries, spirits of rage

Hashalaq Quori – dreamstealers; loremasters and judges

Kalaraq Quori – eyebinders; the nobility of nightmare

Dream Master


The Inspired


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