Plane of Dreams


Alias: Dal Quor, Region of Dreams

Inhabitants: Quori
Languages Quori
Time Flowing time (10x faster then Prime Material plane)
Gravity Subjective directional gravity
Enhanced Magic: Psionics Illusion/ Mind Effects

Dal Quor the Region of Dreams is a plane that humanoids visit when they dream. The plane is the home of the Quori, psychic symbionts which feed of dreams and nightmares. The only way to reach Dal Quor from the Material Plane is through the psychic projection of dreaming or Dream Travel.

The plane is ringed with dreamscapes — small pockets of psuedo-reality where people’s dreams play out. The plane has subjective directional gravity, is highly morphic and has flowing time (10 minutes on Dal Quor is equivalent to 1 minute on the Material Plane). Dal Quor is a highly morphic plane, and can be manipulated by either dreamers or the Quori, though the Quori find that manipulation quite easy compared to visitors.

Magnificent domed cities called up from the formless void of dreamstuff spread across the inside of the ring of dreamscapes, allowing the quori who live there easy access to their food supply: the psychic energy of dreaming mortals. Beyond the cities of the quori, a roiling boil of dream-born landscapes melt, burn, grow, and dissolve without any rhyme or reason.

The Quori claim the “center” of Dal Quor as theirs, where they rule supreme. However, most dreamers never reach this realm of the Dal Quor, and inhabit the fringes of the Realm of Dreams. While there, they may be left alone, or they may be the subject of manipulation from inhabitants of Dal Quor. Under normal circumstances, creatures in Dal Quor cannot harm dreamers; however, it is possible for a dreamers’ “dream self” to harm quori. Thus, the Quori prefer to attack using tricks and manipulation.

Other inhabitants of the Dal Quor


Eidolons live along the fringes of Dal Quor, and prey on people’s nightmares. Two types of eidolons have been identified: idyllic eidolons and nightmare eidolons

Finally, there are creatures that are the manifestations of the collective unconscious

Nightmare Spinner

Dream Eater


Plane of Dreams

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