Piren's Bluff

Piren’s Bluff is a town in northern Andoran, in the region now known as Alyria. Piren’s Bluff sits atop a flat rock overlooking a massive canyon waterfall called the Aspodell Falls in the Aspodell Mountains and is surrounded by the massive Darkwood Forest near the Darkmoon Vale. Aspodell Falls true beauty can be appreciated by the newly crafted Aspodel Crystal Bridge which spans the mighty falls. The entire structure is crafted out of crystal but is said to be as strong as any metal construction. Piren’s Bluff is surrounded by a tall stone palisades with six watchtowers. An ancient keep watches over the town from the highest elevation. The keep is surrounded by massive stone walls and guard towers as well originating from when it was a defensive fortress and serves as home to the leaders of Piren’s Bluff.

The Aspodell Mountains are jagged but relatively low mountains that rise to heights around 9,000 feet at their peaks. They form the official border between Cheliax and Andoran. Only one pass exists through the dangerous, monster-ridden mountains, and over the pass rises Piren’s Bluff. Piren’s Bluff is strategically important not only for its control on the Aspodell Pass but also because the mountains are rich in iron veins.

Piren was the son of Argus and Evadne, daughter of a powerful river fey Strymon. Argus was a lord of Taldor. It was said that Argus fell in love with Evadne bathing on the banks of the falls near the bluff and abandoned his campaign of exploration to make a home there.  They lived near the monastery until Argus’ death. Piren then founded the hamlet but with no progeny of his own the rulership fell do a distant duke relation. Piren’s Bluff fell into corruption and disrepair until the Alyrian Five took over the hamlet and grew it into a town. 

Piren was credited with the founding of the monastery near the bluff.

Piren's Bluff

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