Honey Ambrosia

A sweet, honey-like substance which has several useful properties. A cup of of honey ambrosia can sate the need to eat or drink for 1 day for up to 5 people, regardless what their actual diet is.

The taste of the honey is amazingly superb and it is considered a delicacy.

Consuming it restores youthful vigor as well; middle age and older creatures only take the penalties from aging as if they were one category less for 24 hours.

It can be used in place of a healing kit (5 charges), granting the +2 circumstance bonus to Heal checks, and a +10 bonus when treating diseases. It is sometimes used for surgeries to form biologically safe seals on open wounds. It can also be applied to a surface to disinfect it (make a Heal check against a diseased surface to determine if you succeed in disinfecting, as if using a Heal check to cure a disease).

It can act as an adhesive if left to air dry for 10 minutes under pressure. Once a bond is set, it is very difficult to remove requiring a DC 26 Strength check to break the bond or up to 500 lbs per cup, or the application of universal solvent.

Finally it can preserve perishable non-living organic material, causing the substance to age only a day over the course of a year. A cup may cover 5 diminutive objects (apples), 2 tiny (small melons), or 1 small object (a pumpkin).

Fey have a particular craving for the substance and it has a mild intoxicating effect for them, often appeasing them.

Honey Ambrosia

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