Green Faith

The Green Faith is a naturalistic philosophy based on the belief that natural forces are worthy of attention and respect.

Followers of the Green Faith meditate daily, commune with natural forms of power, and show respect to nature in all things. Commoners, for example, often hang fresh herbs from the lintels of doorways as a sign of respect for nature.

Although the Green Faith is based on nature, one need not be a druid to value its tenets; nor do all druids necessarily count themselves as members of this philosophy. It is believed that the green faith sprang from close contact with Fey from the Feywilde.

The Green Faith is, with little argument, the oldest form of worship in Golarion, as evidenced by the numerous druidic symbols found in the cave drawings of early man.

According to legend, in the earliest years of its existence, the Green Faith was split into four factions. One group venerated the strength and endurance of stone; another the power and ferocity of wild beasts; a third the bountiful earth; and the last, the cleansing purity of fire. For years, these four factions fought for supremacy, each claiming that the aspect of nature it venerated was the most important. Finally, the leaders of the four factions agreed to resolve their conflict through single combat. Before the battle could begin, however, a multicolored geyser sprang from the ground, equal parts water, earth, and flame. The geyser was followed by an enormous flock of multicolored birds, which flew off in all directions. The faction leaders saw this as a clear sign from nature that no one element could be more important than another, and that ultimately, the four factions shared the same basic philosophy.

Green Faith

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