Falcon’s Hallow

A small town in the Dark Moon Vale that grew through the tradeof teh Lumber Consortium and harvesting Lumber in Teh Dark Moon Woods. Falcon;s Hallow is governed by Mayroress Avari. She is assisted by Warden Jolen (Druid / Wizard) , Kasmir of teh Green faith, Captain of The Auburn Guardians Lutro.

In previous years Falcon’s Hallow had many troubles, from kidnappings by cults, werewolf attacks, to mysterious fey occurances and plagues. The town has seen more peace teh past few years and is actually booming with resurgence of of harvesting of the Darmonn FOrest by the Lumber Consortium. Though with teh switch over to cotton farming and less reliancy on the lumber from the forest Falcon;s economy is uncertain.

Notable NPC:
once teh lead of teh Lumber camps at teh Darm Moon Forests he has now set up shop in the the town as a prosperous merchant. Vandarin though midly skilled in business seems to rely on his looks more to get coin then his actually negotiating skills. Though he is considered teh heart throb of teh town.

Falcon’s Hallow has a long convulauted relationship with werewolves. The whole area of Dark Moon Vale has been inhabited by werewolves for years due to its close prximity to teh Wolf Run Hills to teh northeast. The area seems to be focal point for werewolves with legends dating back hundreds of years of packs of werewolves being led by druids. or druids working with pacts of werwolves. Only recently when the Shadowpast Druids emerged did teh pacts and druids turn hostile and attacks increased and became much more aggressive towards Olfden and Falcon;s Hallow. Unbenounced by teh citizens of Falcon;s Hallow Lord Greveren bieing a powerful wizard was knowledgable of teh potential threat that werewolvs posed to the Falcons Hallow and Olfden. We created a powerful enchantmnet to help ward the town of Falcon;s Hallow from werewolves. Though this powerful magic had another effect. Lord Greveren knew that part of teh poulace of Falcon;s Hallow unbenouned to most were actual lycanthrope by birth. Though many of the citizens who were of this ancestry wish to not have their nature known and fought against this aspect of tehir bloodline. they wished to just live out normal human lives. The magics that Lord Grevern infused into teh magics that protected Falcon;s Hallow also helped these people to subdue thir bestail natuire and protected them from being overcome by their very natures.

However when the Lumber Camps were being attacked 10 years ago by the Shadowpast Camps and many woodsmen were being killed by the Shadowpact unnowingly as teh Shadowpact had seeked to reclaim the Dark Moon Vale as thier own territory from teh Dark moon Forest in teh west all the way south through teh vale down to the Ankwood Forest including teh Darkmoon Plains. The HSadowpast planned strateic attacks on eth lumber camps to scare off the Lumber consortium so that they could reclaim teh forest fortheir own hunting and running grounds.

Avari , Jolen , Lutro and Kasmir began to investigate these attacks and along withet Auburn gaurdians and Corpse Fang Watch came to blows with teh Shadow pact werewolves and druids on several occasions. Around this time Lord Generen disappeared form Falcon;s Hallow leaving Avari in his place. SOehow the knowledge of teh magic worked of Lord Geberen got out and the Tree which stoof at teh cente rof town and was teh focus of teh magical working by Lord G was destroyed. With eth wards down the Shadowpast was able to attck the citizens of teh town. To make matters worse teh incessent “calls” a special howl awakend the sleeping blood of the werewolf bloddline citizens in town and it became harder for them to resist teh call and many began to shift and many fled to join the Shadowpact.

Falcon’s Hallow

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