Dale Lost


Aka Eitherviel

The Dale Lost has been cleared. The brave Lady Pheonix and Lord Aiden were able to clear the lands of the menacing alien creatures that plagued the area and close the planar portal caused by the Mythal gone astray. The land is now clear and the ruins of the old kingdom lay open. The Ankhwood is now clear.

The Dale Lost is a strange and wicked place. Many said to me that i was insane for building my trade post so close even on the outskirts of the Ankwood. But the only ill luck that has befallen us is the bandits and that blasted stag lord.

But now we no longer have to worry about this.

I do not know much of Dale Lost but only as the Great Archmage Ketaphon had stayed with us, many years back to venture into Ankwood. Though. The Dalelost is nothing but sorrow and misery. Death seems to be its only constant.

Archmage Ketaphon informed you that after much research he discovered that The Dalelost if caused by a Mythral gone wrong. Using a Kelyrian Crystal. The portal opens to the Far Realm. You must enter into the portal and remove the Kelyrian crystal.

But very well I will tell you what I know. As I said many years ago Archmage Ketaphon came to stay with us. He is known as the Ruby Griffin. A title only bestowed on the royalty of Arrabar. Though he was not destined for the throne as he was the younger of the two brothers of the Griffandor Family. That much of him we know. And that the studied with the Scarlet MAges of the East. Archmage Ketaphon came to our humble trading post on an expedition to the Dale lost. He came once in the SPring and again in the winter with a party of adventurers. Sad , sad indeed. He returned from their himself badly hurt near death with the young cleric…. Enalu. She too was battered. The others… all dead. He made me swear…swear we would never venture to that place.

Over the days of his rest I could not help but question him on its history. Though at first hesitant he finally told me of its tragic past.

Many ages ago Lord Itlor and Lady RAdiri ruled the lands of this area, the might kingdom of Ormv. Predasesor to Olfden. Though Lord Itlor was a good and fair ruler the land was still occasionally fallen to scuffles with orcs and trolls. MAny skirmishes met with innocents loosing their lives. Kings must be strong , but Itlor was a man very much ruled by his emotions. These deaths weighed heavy in his heart. Over the years he became a convert of The twin sisters and hosted a order of within his city. Though some say light attracts dark. so the skirmishes only continued. and Itmar sunk more into sullinnes. Somewhow he got the ministry to agree to conjure a powerful magical working. one that would keep any dark or sinister creature away from their fair kingdoms heart. Dangerous but desperate they pushed forward, only to fail. fail beyond anything. Destroyed was the city and the people driven mad or dead. those who survived fled north and eventually founded Olfden. This madness seeped into the land and the whole of the area became what it is today.

Creatures began appearing. misshapen , not natural, around the area. Solders were sent in but very few returned. Driven mad, mumbling of horrors in the fog. Adventurers went in hoping for treasure. Again the Dale claimed them. All Lost. Hence DAle Lost.

Ketaphon had whispered but only in his fevered dreams that he may have found a way to save the crippled land. I think that is what he was doing when he went in with those adventurers. but he was not the same when he came back. Even when he was healed. He was more sullen, withdrawn, something, something in their touched him. Smething terrible.

If you think you want to try. I say your a fool. As a friend I would plead with you not to. Such a fate you do not deserve after all you have done for us. but seek Ketaphon in Arrabar if you are not swayed by me.

Dale Lost

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