Abeil resemble humanoid bees. They have a humanoid body (Usually like that of an elf), but with an insect’s legs, wings, antennae, and black and yellow stripes.

Abeil are industrious and expansionistic creatures with a complex social structure. Three castes of them exist: Vassals, Soldiers and Queens. They work and live together in hives. The Queen dominates completely, communicating with other Abeils using the “Hive Mind”.

Several Different Types of Abeil Exist:

Vassals serve as the workers and labourers for the hive.

Soldiers serve as the warriors. They account for fully a third of the population.

Queens are the leaders. They rule hives with absolute power; all Abeil live and die by their queen’s hand.

It is said the Abeil craft a special elixir known as Honey Ambrosia. In addition Abeil will sometimes gift trusted non-Abeil with a special item known as the Favor of the Abeil.


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