Queen Frilogarma

Queen of the Court of Ether, Elder Fey



Undisputed ruler of the Unseelie Court of Ether based in the Shadow Plane and a fey Elder. She has power over vermin and fungoid creatures and her court is composed of these creatures as well as dark fey.


Queen Frilogarma’s ultimate goal is to bring her Court of Ether to the Prime Material Plane. She has tried using the power of the shard from the Crown of Woes towards this end and in particular the Shard of Shadows. She was able to establish an outpost on Golarian within the Candlestone Caverns called Fallencrest. There her court plotted to take control of the area surrounding teh caverns and prepare the area for her court to manifest. These exploits are detailed in the quest Saelmur Needs You. Fallencrest fell thanks to the Alyrian Five and the Queens plans were thwarted and the Shard of Shadows dismissed.

Queen Frilogarma

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