Psidereal Quest - Shard of Time

Phoenix was ruminating over more tomes trying to understand the passage in Vortimax’s tome on the nature of teh Shard of time for clues to its wearabout. She approaches Palestine as Aiden was off on Kingdom business, for assistance. Palestine went through teh passage and decided that the clues maybe leading to Elder in Sargava , teh lost colony of CHeliax. Teleporting to Sargava Phoenix was able to bring tehm to eth very Tavern that Vortimax and may have given teh shard to Sarcem hundreds of years before. Phoenix quickly changed their apparel to match teh regions taste and they entered the Tavern. There they found Salons and a large dining hall. They socialized with local patrons before dining in luxury at the Tavern on teh deck overlooking the bay.

They then traveled to the local Pathfinder Guild in Elder to purois thir archives in order to dicover more leads. They were assisted greatly by the local archivist who used magical tomes that allowed one to simply write key words into a tome and the tome was able to bring up any information from any book that existed in the Pathfinder library. The only ead they recieved was to head to Cauldron and implore the teple of pharasma for information about Vortimaz’s companion Jenya.

teh two teleported to Cauldron instead to teh Temple of Pharasma there. They came upon a somber scene as teh temple was preseding over a funeral. Waiting patiently till eth ceremony ended they implored teh local priestess there if they could look trhough teh archives. for information about one of teh priests that use to be part of teh church in teh past. The priestess was unsure about tehir request and summoned teh high priest of the cathedral to talk with them. After a bit of interigation the two were able to win over the high priestess only after swaering an oath by Pharasma to not use teh information for evil. She then led them into achamber where she fell under a trance, being an oracle of Pharasma and informed them through cryptic message to seek Sarcem in Arrabar.

They traveled to Arrabar where Palestine recieved a strange reception from the peopel of teh city. Many of them commenting of his likeness to Khadune. Guards appeared and escorted into eth inner city where they witnessed marvels of teh dwarfs including guns and automata. FInally led to a villa the two were locked into a small room. Several dofferent dwarfs came into interrigate them and having enough of the duplicitous nature ofteh situation Phoenix probed into teh mind of teh interigator to find out who was behind the impromptu integration. They had up to the main dudes recieving room and after he too seemed unwilling to help them Pheonix also used her powers on him and retrived teh information on Sarcem she was looking for. Learning that Sarcem was seen in teh city by an Clock tower. End of PArt one.